RE bullishness is very interesting

We.are.being.played | Jan 15, 2013 12:01 PM ET Interesting. RE bullishness is very interesting. Did anybody consider that part of the short term "renaissance" may be due to some considerable Hedge Fund and PE buying it up? Does anybody consider the path of RE given the Economic backdrop and the level of personal debt? Hey - Don`t let me get in your way - please feel free to invest in whatever you want. Let`s revisit in November.

permarenter | Jan 15, 2013 12:10 PM ET The primary reason prices are up is that rates are down. Inventories are part of it too. Just wait until word gets out that housing is "booming" and see how many underwater mortgagees hit the market with overpriced homes. Just wait until interest rates go up. Housing may have bottomed, but it`s not going to shoot up from here on out, unless incomes do first.

njlou | Jan 15, 2013 12:15 PM ET Could it be a math issue??? As usual???........... IF the average house sold 5 years ago for $225,000, NOW a $375,000 house may sell for $250,000 - they are saying that house prices are going up????............. BTW watch out for those RE taxes they are killers. The flippers never mention taxes and closing costs.

truthnjustice | Jan 15, 2013 12:27 PM ET more propaganda from cnbc the governments sock puppet wages are actually falling the fed has artificially held interest rates below the rate of inflation to force the sheeple to take risks on stocks and real estate the banks are holding foreclosures off the market to artificially stop home prices from falling and cnbc puts out the prices rising propaganda like good little sock puppets dont believe anything you hear or read on this website they are clueless

justmyopinion_but | Jan 15, 2013 12:30 PM ET It`s funny you don`t hear from any "actual homeowners" on this blog. If you did you`d hear them ask "where?", where are home prices increasing because for them their home prices fell another 6% in the last half of 2012. Atleast in the midwest they did, how do I know? Because i can read "notice of valuations" and for anyone who refinanced this past year they also saw a drop in value for refinancing purposes. Whether it`s the messenger or the person writing the message. As long as data keeps getting fudged to scam the market to the upside. People will continue to refuse to buy because they know they`re being lied to. People don`t act on this kind of information from the media. They act on the information they get in the neighborhoods and regions they actually live.

az1971 | Jan 15, 2013 12:32 PM ET This article has all sorts of fail: 1. Home prices rose 6.7% annual in November. Home prices historically rise beyond inflation by just 0.1% (over the past 100 years). Inflation is now 2.3%, so home prices should be rising no more than 2.4%, let alone 7-8% as reported for Nov-Dec. 2. Investors are driving sales, not individuals. 3. Properties are being turned into rentals, not single family home ownership. When prices "appreciate" enough, investors will dump them. Or not, depending on what ROI they`re earning. 4. Is the goal of banks/realtors to return home prices to 2005-06 levels? That was unsustainable and should not be seen as an appropriate goal going forward. 5. Wages have stagnated, employment has stagnated (actually, never recovered). Who`s going to buy without jobs or money to do

handballforlife | Jan 15, 2013 12:34 PM ET It`s the next big fraud in the country......the crooks are all in and pumping house prices up the yingyang like they did to the stock markets...can`t make any money in the markets anymore now it`s time for the circle jerk about housing to start full tilt.........the clowns are having fun all over again taking your homes that you lost and paying nothing for them in the court system(also in on it)...and they`re even telling the contrators which paint to use to paint the houses(sherwin williams is the go to company for all your paint needs)....charts don`t lie now do they....Wecome to AMERICA folks the land of the free and home of the biggest crooks on the planet where you can commit a white collar crime and pay a fine without getting jail time Obama 2016

JohnnyOxygen | Jan 15, 2013 01:12 PM ET Diana `Shill` Olick.

Sick_of_it | Jan 15, 2013 01:22 PM ET wow, I wonder why the home prices, stock prices, gas prices, food prices, taxes, ... are going up? Maybe its because the FED has devalued the $ and it takes more of them to buy/pay for everything! Will anyone ever learn that when your currency has no true base there is no true measure of worth.

GenerationX | Jan 15, 2013 01:43 PM ET The replies to articles on CNBC represent the vast disconnect of those in the financial world from Main Street. Main Street knows their paychecks are shrinking from skyrocketing health insurance premiums, and true high inflation of energy and food prices that are not being reported by the media/NYC/DC. Government statistics are dead wrong. Perhaps they report mainly to encourage investors & shareholders. But what is this doing to main Street? What effects will this have on them? There was a time when we could trust newsmen (Walter Cronkite) but sadly those days have past.

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RE bullishness is very interesting

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