the housing is extremely abused | Feb 11, 2013 01:22 PM ET The mentality of vanity is the central part for people to buy bigger house that in long term they cannot afford and the society cannot afford such a sick vanity. Two ways are laid in front of us, the first, keep going the old way; keep buying the house that is more than need; keep wasting money on these unbalance. Sooner or later, the old tradition will bankrupt this country. The second way, change the old tradition; only buy the house that meets the need; save money on better and more nutritional food, on education, on mental enhancement. In this way, finally, some physicians will lose their jobs. The investment on housing may be proved imprudent in both ways.

thomasjackson | Feb 11, 2013 01:27 PM ET I can prove to you real estate is growing rapidly just by referencing ticker symbol IYR, which is a sure winner right now. No doubt about it. data.cnbc/quotes/iyr

Earth_Scientist | Feb 11, 2013 01:39 PM ET What he describes is uncertainty. We may be in our second lost decade. The first lost decade was 2001-2010. It took from 1929 until 1954 to recover from the Great Depression. It could take 25 years to recover from the Bush Depression, which could be 2026 or 2033, depending on how you count it. It`s hard to find things that are cheap to buy now (value), there isn`t much/any earnings growth (growth), and yields are low (income), so it`s hard to see who would be buying stocks now, besides The Fed. I think you have to be a diversified investor (modified Permanent Portfolio) or a stock/sector-picker and a tremendous bargain-hunter in all cases now. Only cash is cheap at these market levels. | Feb 11, 2013 01:53 PM ET Generally, housing is a drug to a economy. When it is abused, the economy is doomed. When it is controlled, the economy is boomed. In many countries, the housing is extremely abused. That is destroying all other potentials and causing their economy crushed. Due to the inevitable reason, the extreme abuse cannot be corrected. The next burst of housing bubble will destroy American economy and no one can save it again. Americans need to realize the housing cannot save the economy for any longer, sooner it will be the evil again. We need gradually remove the mentality of vanity in housing. Other things will boom. | Feb 11, 2013 01:55 PM ET The future growth is different from the historical growth in that the future is different from the past. The outside vanity is not the first consideration. The inside healthy and balance are the first consideration; how to avoid hospitalization is the first consideration. Actually, it is easy to understand. You are living in a big house; you get the forseeable admiration from your friends; you are worried about financial balance; you are eating garbage food; you get a serious disease; you are sent to hospital; you blame others for your disease.

roughplay | Feb 11, 2013 01:58 PM ET It is shocking that Prof. Shiller who has made his name from reporting about housing prices has no clue to what drives the housing market. Supply and Demand! Demand is going up as more and more people get to the age of buying homes (Gen Y bigger than boomers). Baby boomers are going to stay in homes longer as their health is better with today`s health industry. Almost no new homes have been built for 5 years. Yes we have unemployed but the numbers are getting better and will continue. So growing demand short supply means prices will rise. Donā€™t think so talk to anyone in the market for a home and see how hard it is to find a home and then buy it with so much competition. Letā€™s see stock market is right at all time highs and housing is where? Shiller needs to stick to reportin

expat08 | Feb 11, 2013 02:12 PM ET ckoffend, not sure you understand long term economics. Yes your deductable interest declines over time. This is not bad. Take you in an apartment and me in a home. 30 years from now how much is your rent going to be? How much will my mortgage be? You will be paying a lot more and I will be paying a lot less. In a few more years we will both be retired (I started us both at age 25) and on "fixed" income. My housing expenses will still be low and yours will still be rising every year. Are you sure some people are better off renting? | Feb 11, 2013 02:22 PM ET So this world is gradually departing in to two worlds. Stupid people are living the stupid world, no matter how big the house they have, finally the disease will find them, and the treatment from the hospitalization will become worse and worse. Their costs spent on house will become higher and higher. Their stupidity will destroy them totally, finally; they will be the burden of the society. Let hope these people are getting less and less, so the burden is getting lighter and lighter. | Feb 11, 2013 02:23 PM ET But I sincerely believe America is getting smarter and smarter, with people realizing what`s the point of their life. The education and learning are not only gifted to kids and youths, they are also sent by God to adults, no matter how old, learning is the point as always. The reality has proved my belief. More and more people are taking care of the thing that they really need to take care, without too much worry about finance and vanity.

Heretoday | Feb 11, 2013 02:28 PM ET Just more blather from the banksters. "STOCKS" is too generic a term. WHICH stocks? My real estate investments may go up and down, but the rental income stays dead on. and it`s a better return that most STOCKS.

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the housing is extremely abused

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