Top 5 cities for selling a home

J SPIEGEL February 27, 2013 For those who seem to believe interest rates are going to go up in the next few years have apparently not reconciled their reasoning. How can the FED raise interest rates to 6% That would mean that at the current deficit of 16.5 trillion the government would have to shell out about a TRILLION DOLLARS in interest. Extrapolate that over the next 3 to 5 years as the deficit rises (and it will rise despite all of the ultra conservative bantering) that interest figure is sound. With UE still hovering close to 400K claims, wages going nowhere, return on investment outside an overly bubbly raging stock market is roughly nil, oil prices incredibly high, and a real estate market starting to bubble despite the reality that 43% of all sales are foreclosures or short sales how does one reconcile a rebound in RE more less an economic recovery. There ain`t no room for consumerism to fuel the economy. It`s great to be dreamer, but then again given the market and economy debacles that has happened twice in the last dozen years I would think reality would set in...but alas, people masochistically do the same thing over and over again taking asset dump after another. Meanwhile for those who love S.F...I lived there for a number of years in the late 80s to mid 90s, and then it was a beautiful place with exciting scenery and a real comraderie of the populace. Visiting the city last year there is a dramatic change, many businesses out or have disappeared, filthy streets with begging homeless on many corners, prices that could choke a horse like $3500 for a 400 square foot hovel, and so crowded and aggressive that it was enough to know that I could never go back to that mess.

Freddy Chang February 27, 2013 ... most are places nobody want to live at.

RALPH GAGNON 22 hours ago San Fran = 9.0 on the richter scale

Peter Arca
February 26, 201 every new homes in the Tri-Valley(san Ramon, Pleasanton, dublin, danville etc) in the Bay Area CA is sold out ...single Family with prices from $660-$1 mil + are sold out with prices from $460k to $600k are sold out ! with wait time for new release of between 4-6 weeks ...even existing home sells are in very tight supply ... bummer we can` buy a home right now as I don`t feel like doing the bidding war ..will wait for interest rate to go up for home prices drop I can move to brentwood CA, with home prices a little less, more money for the buck, but school is priority which brentwood somewhat lacks ...

Bill Hind 1 day ago @Peter Arca The Bay Area never really crashed. It held during the 90`s downturn as well. Waiting for prices to drop may not pay off for quite a while...

Peter Arca 4 hours ago @Bill Hind well they took some dip but only lasted a few months ...think it was 07-08 where i saw some prices at very affordable pricing but now those same homes are up by at least $250k or more ... for a middle class i feel like i should go on welfare to afford anything anymore in the bay area lol

earnest rheault
February 26, 201 They will soon be the centers of Chinese Culture as the Chinese are buying blocks of real estate at what to them is giveaway prices.

John Clark
February 22, 201 Note that these are metro areas, not the core cities themselves (except, probably Iowa City). "To ea. their own," but can`t think of a place I`d LESS like to live than D.C., San Fran, Phx, or downtown Seattle proper!

2Geno Bronziearnest rheault
Bel Arden
February 26, 201 @John Clark Yeah, sure you wouldn`t want to live in SF. That`s because you can`t afford it and you`re purple with jealously. LOL. Who WOULDN"T want to live in San Francisco. It`s gorgeous, got culture, restaurants and easy access to the most beautiful nature in the world. And let`s not forget sourdough, while we`re at it.

2Nare NareBill Hind
Geno Bronzi
February 26, 201 SFBay area is a filthy, cold urban dump..... that`s why. Besides, housing prices in the bay area are entering their next leg down.

1James Faulkner
John Clark 1 day ago @Bel Arden GREAT place to visit (maybe our fav.?) but SURE wouldn`t live there! Crowded, $$(!), largely impassable, cold/damp too often, FRUITCAKE populace and govt. But, again, great place to "in & out" back to civilization. :-)

2Scott ForbusJames Faulkner
Ryan Theny
February 21, 201 In many areas in the NE and central states prices are dropping around %14 in new homes

2Geno Bronzipat pederson
Daniel Coss
February 20, 201 I love these articles. I think of todays buyers that have mitigated a lower monthly payment due to historically low interest rates. In 5 years, will these buyers have problems selling when interest rates go back up to the norm of 6-9%. Food for thought. Another group of buyers that may be underwater on their mortgage?

3Jeff NovoEilis Birsnerpat pederson
Jeff Novo
February 21, 201 @Daniel Coss I couldn`t agree more. The Feds practice of keeping rates low and buying MBS is creating a new housing bubble. It`s great for cash flowing investment properties or if you still in the house for 30 years. However those people that want or need to sell are going to be in for a rude awakening when rates rise. An increase to 6% in mortgage rates can result in a 20% drop in home prices.

2Eilis Birsnerpat pederson
Geno Bronzi
February 21, 201 @Jeff Novo @Daniel Coss That`s understated considering resale housing asking prices are inflated by as much as 80%.

1pat pederson
Win Kay
February 21, 201 @Geno Bronzi @Jeff Novo @Daniel Coss So you are saying a $130k home listing in FL should sell for $72k?

Geno Bronzi
February 22, 201 @Win Kay @Geno Bronzi @Jeff Novo @Daniel Coss What I said is, "resale housing asking prices are inflated by as much as 80%."

Ed Turner
February 26, 201 So the $130K house Win is talking about should be selling for $26K. Got it.

Wagner Novo
February 25, 201 @Jeff Novo Are we cousin?

Peter Arca
February 26, 201 @wagner novo @Jeff Novo better call your dad and see if he messed around! jk

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Top 5 cities for selling a home

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