Where homebuyers love mirrored closets, Roman tubs

March 28, 2013
− Your map pin pointing Phoenix, AZ is in New Mexico.....good job. 34 Reply

dack maddy michelle1
March 28, 2013
Apple maps strikes again........ 4 Reply

John michelle1
March 28, 2013
This was Yahoo proofread. 3 Reply

MoodySara michelle1
March 28, 2013
How many states in that map would you guess the average CNN reader (or writer) can name? 0 Reply

boatvolt MoodySara1
March 28, 2013
All the blue ones. 4 1 Reply

March 28, 2013
"Mother-in-law" apartment in Salt Lake City actually for the other wiv...uh, women in the family.... 23 Reply

March 28, 2013
One third of SF residents without cars would actually be able to afford cars if they did not shop at Whole Foods... 19 1 Reply

March 28, 2013
For pure entertainment, this comment section is the best I`ve seen in a while. 7 Reply

March 28, 2013
Here in Cleveland, many listings feature "the soothing sound of constant gunfire". 5 Reply

user1user2user3 lastuser chickeninpot1
March 28, 2013
I think the same can be said of Chicago too ! 3 Reply

Brad Sheehan user1user2user3 lastuser1
March 28, 2013
Most of the city is entirely safe. There`s just a few neighborhoods that are horribly unsafe 1 Reply

March 28, 2013
In New York City any place over 350 square feet is considered rather large. 2 Reply

YourSupremeCommander JJPSarasota1
March 28, 2013
Not if you are middle class or live in the projects. Those apts in the projects are HUGE! 2 Reply

March 28, 2013
Mirrored closets????! Mmmmmmmmmm, nah. I don`t think so! Mirrored closets and brass = Old school Norman Bates`s mom and that 70`s show would love it, but NOT in my house! Brushed metal and closets by design is what`s up!! NO THANK YOU! 2 1 Reply

March 29, 2013
What realtor wrote this article? With most home owners under water, there is no way in H-E double hockey sticks, they are going to do these "touches of luxury" with or without breaking the bank, the bank is already overdrawn.. And by the way, glass blocks, and mirrored closets are just plain tacky! 1 Reply

March 28, 2013
Where is Phoenix AZ Again?? in NM? 1 Reply

user1user2user3 lastuser1
March 28, 2013
Hey Trulia(CNN), I`ve got news for you... Phoenix, AZ is NOT located in the state of New Mexico ! :-)) Did you have some intern that flunked geography create your graphic for you ? Oh, come on, the beautiful ppl of SoCal loving mirrored closets... tell me it can`t be true !!! 1 Reply

March 28, 2013
You failed to mention the shark tanks and the mandatory copy of Scarface DVD. 1 Reply

March 28, 2013
West Palm... also known for its fondness for "hanging chads". 1 Reply

Dirk Boregard1
March 28, 2013
Hey Michelle good catch .

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Where homebuyers love mirrored closets, Roman tubs

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