Freddie Mac failing homeowners, watchdog says

March 31, 2013
Freddie and Fannie failed the U.S. years ago, when they bundled and sold sub-prime loans around the world. So far Freddie and Fannie have cost the American Tax Payer over $200 Billion, which will never be recovered. Worthless people like Dodd and Frank knew what was going on, but failed to act. Frank was dating one of Freddie`s executives at the time, so I can see why he was occupied. Freddie needs to be dissolved! 6 Reply

March 31, 2013
It`s OK because Franks and Dodds are still getting their share and that is all that matters. As long as our Senators and Congressmen get filthy rich just for getting elected work is not required for a politicians. 3 Reply

LiberlMedia dwhat1
March 31, 2013
At the time of the housing bubble, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Dodd and Franks were the largest recipients of campaign donations from Freddie and Fannie. 4 1 Reply

March 31, 2013
20,000 families fighting to stay in their home have the bank ignore their responsibility and the response is "Do better on the next 20,000". 2 Reply

March 31, 2013
make them pay off any mortgage they screw up on and i bet it`ll never happen again 2 Reply

Sparky jpurse1
March 31, 2013
And don`t forget to make sure the lenders get fined to the point that they don`t robosign either. 0 Reply

March 31, 2013
homedebtors =/= owners 1 Reply

Hard Little Machine1
March 31, 2013
Customer service in the government realm appears to be working normally. If you wanted better you should have done better. As it is, Freddie Mac is the DMV of banks. 1 Reply

Daniel Dickson April 4, 2013
There are many factors of why banks are continuing foreclosure proceedings against homeowners across the country but the main element that`s missing is "accountability". Our law firm just filed counter claims against Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Mortgage, JP Morgan Chase, and GMAC in the circuit courts for unlawful filings in the court. Homeowners... mark my words, if you want to getsubstantial outcomes in your current situation with the lenders, you will need to retain a licensed attorney in your state to take the case. Do not get caught in the "self negotiation" trap with the lender. In addition, don`t fall victim to loan modification scam companies. You must have an attorney licensed in your state to represent you in court. Remember, if you are being sued by the bank in your judicial circuit court to foreclose on the property; a non-profit organization can`t appear for you in a court hearing. Call for a FREE consultation. 877-777-4700. Good luck to everyone during these times of financial difficulty. 0 Reply

March 25, 2013
− All I hear is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...only because it was advantageous for the government to take care of itself...the people were the last consideration.. There are so many people who don`t have fannie or freddie mortgages, who are underwater in their mortgages at high interest rates who are stuck. They pay their mortgages and have decent or very good credit scores, but in the situation they are in, they end up with very little or no spendable income. These people are punished for not having a fannie or freddie mortgage, while all the rest have wiped their slate clean by new mortgages with lower rates, hence lower monthly payments and more spendable income, or they have walked away from their mortgages with no tax implications(forgiven), or their mortgages have charged off and all they do is pay principal with no interest, or have claimed bankruptcy. These are the people who fared well from this economic disaster. The rest are still suffering. They talked of a tier three to the federal program that was to include these people. After Obama`s reelection, and December,2012, there was no mention of it, which leads me to believe they are going to do nothing for these people. It`s a shame, but next election it will be payback time for the Democrats from these people.

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Freddie Mac failing homeowners, watchdog says

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